Welcome Back!

We are thrilled to begin the 2019-2020 School Year - it is going to be an amazing one!  Below are links to the resources and handouts that you may wish to reference.
Artist Habits of Mind
21st Century Skills

Arts Focused Instruction

General information
Curriculum guides (requires MPS log-inElementary | Secondary

Gallery space

The Link Student Art Gallery in the Davis Center is available to display student work. The "Link" Gallery features professional glass frames with easy display capabilities for teachers to install student art work. Student work is on display year round in this gallery. 

Musical Instruments & Pianos

How to get instruments repaired
Have an instrument to donate?
Piano Tuning Request Form
Barcode Implementation Help

District Resources

Teachers can check equipment such as digital camera sets, tripods, FACETS toolkits (graffiti, felting, beading, textiles) FACETS library books, and more for classroom use. Please contact MPS Arts department for more information.

Large Arts Resources

Resources include:

Risers - limited number of reverse 
Choral Shells - 1 district set 
Black Accordion Display Wall A
Black Accordion Display Wall B
Gray Display Walls (8 panels, assemblage required)

The MPS Large Resource Inventory Sheet contains detailed item information. 

Requesting Large Arts Resources 2017-2018:

Requests for Large Arts Resources will be made through Nora Schull, K-12 District Arts Program Facilitator. Please fill out the following form to request these resources.

See also the MPS Large Resource Request Calendar to screen availability. Requests must be made at least 2 weeks in advance. 

Connecting with artists

General artist lists
COMPAS artist roster
Minnesota State Arts Board roster

Culturally-specific organizations
American Indian Center
Center for Hmong Arts and Talent
Hmong Cultural Center
Islamic Resource Group
Ka Joog
Minnesota Spoken Word Association
Mixed Blood Theatre
Mu Performing Arts
Pangea World Theater
Penumbra Theatre
Somali Artifact and Cultural Museum
Teatro Del Pueblo

Recommended reading on integrating math and the arts