Art is central to the human experience, communicating and translating our thoughts, emotions and ideas into visual language that all can comprehend. MPS Arts visual arts teachers help students investigate a range of media and to develop critical thinking and essential skills.

The MPS Arts’ Visual Arts program strives to inspire within each learner the craftsmanship, understanding, and appreciation of art that will contribute to an enriched quality of life.  The curriculum provides opportunities for students to learn about art content and to build skills in various art mediums. Content includes knowledge and skills in the following areas: thinking and problem solving; visual, function, and expressive qualities; aesthetics; historical and cultural contexts; and art criticism, judgments, and evaluation.
In MPS all 1st through 5th graders receive art instruction by a visual art teacher once per week in 30 to 55-minute sessions.

Middle School
The middle school art curriculum is the link between the elementary and high school curriculums. All schools provide comprehensive visual fine arts courses while a few offer electives in ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, computer animation and design, and fiber arts.

High School
Each year several MPS visual art students are selected for Minnesota and National Scholastic Silver and Gold Key awards. Art electives at the high school can include beginning, intermediate, and advanced courses in ceramics, painting, drawing, printmaking, fiber arts, jewelry, photography, design, film and media, and sculpture.

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