UPDATE: Due to the recent impacts of COVID-19, the status of Viva City Performance Night is unknown.

We are considering how this program can continue and shift with the use of distance learning.

Please check back for more information soon!


The Viva City Fine Arts Festival is a celebration of the outstanding fine arts education offered in the Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS). In its 26th year, this district-wide event highlights the high-quality arts programs and the extraordinary work of MPS students, arts educators, and families. This work is supported and enhanced by the myriad of partnerships between MPS, artists, arts organizations and the community. We are thrilled to again be partnering with one of the most respected theaters in the nation, the Guthrie Theater! Participants in Viva City represent all students, teachers, and partners that are involved in visual and performing arts classes and other arts enriched activities across the city. The arts are a vital and nationally recognized component of Minneapolis Public Schools.

Our vision for Viva City includes three primary goals:

Equity - Provide all students with an equitable opportunity to showcase their artistic ability and excellence regardless of student background.

Opportunity - Expose students to professional artists, organizations, and venues allowing them to work in an artistic capacity that expands their understanding of personal, college, and career opportunities.

Partnership - Highlight the amazing programs and work done within MPS and in partnership with artists, arts organizations and the community.

2019 - 2020 Viva City Fine Arts Festival Events:

Events will be announced soon!